September 2019 Event Logistics

Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a few minutes to fill you in on how we can make this next event great and provide a smooth transition into 3.0.

New Terminology

Casted Character (fm. Face NPC)

Leading Character (LC, fm. Player Character or PC)

Casted Characters

This event we will all be playing a one-shot character with 150xp. You have full agency with this character in the game space. At the end of the event your character will become a Casted Character and you can use CAPs to play them again down the road!

Character sheets

September Character.png

We will not have a way to provide you with pre-printed character sheets. We will be able to build your character on site but it will be time consuming. What I am asking everyone to do is head over to the character builder here and create a character with 150xp while logged out. Once your build is complete, use the PRINT tab and print this page out or save it digitally. It should look something like this sample I built here on the right.

You can email it to me at if you don’t have a printer. It’s a weird one-time thing so I really appreciate your help on this part.

3.0 Transfer Store

We are going to transfer your stuff over to 3.0 starting at around 4pm Friday, September 6th. This is the big one! You can get all of your totals here. If you come with your points already totaled and what you would like to trade in for, it will make this part very easy and quick. For the Survivor’s Talisman, we are going to approve Basic items in a like for like fashion (i.e. a sword for a sword, or a gun for a gun, gizmo for gizmo, etc…) (side note: Component Gizmos like Crab and the like are not eligible for trade in for 3.0 Gizmos).

To help accommodate both your Casted Character and your Lead Character (LC) and their differing builds, we will allow you the opportunity to trade in your Survivor's Talisman at the end of the game for one that fits your LC.

At the end of the event, we will also offer to break down ANY crafted 3.0 items in to their base components (a sword would return you the scrap that was used to make it for example). This way you are not out of your hard earned resources that don’t work for your LC’s build.

You can find the blueprints here. Start thinking on this!

Your items are your items

This weekend your items from your LC may be used on your Casted Character. This means that as your Casted Character you can expend resources or gain resources that will carry over to your normal LC. If you farm all weekend as your Casted Character, your LC will have a lot of herb to work with in October.