New characters can start play with starter equipment, provided they have the appropriate skills.  Not all skills have starting options, however many are represented.  Starter equipment will be given out at a player's first game.  All starter items have an expiration date of 6 months or less.

Looking to make your own weapon prop?  We have a couple simple guides below.

Weapon Skills

If you start with any of the skills listed below, you will be provided with a Starter Weapon item card on your first game. Starter weapons has a six month expiration date and give you the opportunity to defend yourself from threats immediately upon entering play. It is suggested that most characters start with a weapon skill.

Bolt Action



Melee, Large

Melee, Standard

Melee, Small

Melee, Two-Handed



Throwing Javelin

Trade Skills

Fishing pole - per generic item creation.

Starter Emergency Crash Kit. Lowers First Aide to 30 Seconds.

2 Snake Oils.  Ingested.  Heals 5 Body.

2 Uncommon Herb or Scrap.



Starter Armor is available to all players.  Starter Armor also has a six month expiration date and is graded on a scale from 1-30, with higher armor points going to costuming that is heavy duty, provides good coverage, and is post-apocalyptic.

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