Every new character may come in to play with Starter Gear. There are no cards for Starter Gear. Instead, the tag on the weapon specifies that it’s Starter Gear.

Starter Gear always swings for base damage. This means that Melee automatically do 1 Damage, and Thrown, Bow, and Firearm Weapons do 5 Damage. Unarmed Combat items do 1 Damage but can block melee attacks. Similarly, Starter Armor is always worth 5 Armor Points. There is no way to craft these items. Instead, they are meant for players to get started in the world of Dystopia Rising.

Looking to make your own weapon prop?  We have a couple simple guides below.

Available Starter Gear

The below list is the items which your character can enter play with.

  • 1 Firearm OR Bow

  • 1 Shield

  • 3 Melee Weapons (Any combination of Small, Standard, Two-Handed)

  • 6 Thrown Weapons

  • 1 Unarmed Combat (Unarmed Combat items always come in pairs of two—one for each hand)

  • 1 Starter Armor (5 Armor Points)

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