To fully accommodate our large player base, we have the following policies:


We will not raid tents between the hours of 3am and 8am. This includes raids from NPCs or PCs. When we raid a tent we will ask the players inside to come out; we do this to protect players and property. Players have sixty seconds to exit their tent, at which point they can respond to the attack. Players who do not exit their tent in sixty seconds will resume play in bleed-out, simulating that the characters were taken by surprise and could not defend themselves. 


If you require out-of-game sleep, you must provide a doctor's note which says that you require special sleep accommodations and you can safely participate in the events themselves. Please scan and send this note to With that note on file, you will receive a sign off that you can show to staff indicating that you are sleeping out-of-game and you cannot be attacked. This only applies to you and does not extend to other players that may be sleeping in the same space.


The nature of our busy game can make it very difficult to meet face-to-face with the Storyteller best equipped to answer your questions. To accommodate research questions in a relatively timely manner, we use correspondence. 

Research questions can be dropped in the Plotbox, which is the blue mailbox on at the Post Office. The Plotbox is checked periodically over the course of the event. Responses will be left at the Post Office or sometimes delivered by a postman. Players should ask the Post Office periodically for a response. 

Typically, the Plotbox is tended to late on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, and Sunday. 

While not strictly necessary, Writers often find it helpful to know what your theory is about the topic that you're researching. This way, if a question isn't really on the ball, we can at least address your theory and give some insight that might be helpful.

When leaving any requests in the Plotbox, please include character's name, player number, your questions and anything that will help you with your research (specific lores, plot items, etc.)


We make use of a number of recurring Face NPCs to reinforce our setting or tend to on-going plot. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate downtime correspondence with those NPCs. If you wish to correspond or talk with a Face NPC then we encourage you to either wait until they can be found in game. Or leave a letter for them in the Plotbox at the Post Office. 

While we cannot honor every request for a Face NPC to hit the play space, we do so when we can. If a Face NPC is already scheduled to go out, having a letter or request helps inform us how to use that NPC to further the stories you are interested in. If we missed you for any reason, be vigilant and try again next event.



Sexual misconduct, including, but not limited to sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, by any player who is a member of the Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma community is a violation of both state and federal law as well as community policy and will not be tolerated by Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma. Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma considers sexual misconduct a very serious issue and shall uphold the policies and process described here.



Sexual misconduct is any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature.
Sexual misconduct can be committed by any person and it can occur between people of the same or different gender. Sexual misconduct includes but is not limited to:

Uncertain about the line between appropriate and inappropriate conduct? Please watch Consent is Tea.



When responding to a complaint, Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma will make reasonable efforts to maintain confidentiality. All parties to the complaint will be asked to treat the matter confidentially. However, there can be no guarantee of confidentiality and anonymity and the Directors may share information where necessary to provide accommodations or protective measures.

Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma will always work toward an outcome that maintains the safety of the community. Whenever possible, we will work to align that outcome with  the survivor’s wishes.



There are a range of protective measures Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma may take following an allegation of sexual misconduct such as:  

  • instituting the “No-Contact” Policy;

  • suspending the perpetrator from Dystopia Rising events;

  • alerting neighboring chapters to the investigation; and/or

  • issuing a Refusal of Service for Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma events.



A grievant whose complaint is found to be both false and to have been made with malicious intent will be subject to disciplinary action which may include suspension or a Refusal of Service for Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma events.



Retaliation against any person for filing, supporting, or cooperating with a sexual misconduct investigation in good faith is strictly prohibited. Examples of retaliation include harassment, intimidation, threats, or coercion. Any person who feels they have been subjected to retaliation should make a report to the Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma Directors.


Individuals who believe they have been subjected to sexual misconduct should report the incident promptly to a Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma Director.

Once a report is given to the Directors the following steps will be taken:

  1. The individuals and willing witnesses will be taken out of play so the Directors can speak with them. The Director’s goal is to determine if a policy was violated, and if that violation was knowing or unknowing.

  2. Directors will enact protective measures they believe are appropriate to the violation.

  3. Directors will inform the victim what steps have been taken when possible. Sometimes Directors will not publicize what protective measures were enacted. This choice is made to protect the privacy of both victim and perpetrator and to allow the perpetrator to correct their behavior without being exiled from the community when reform is possible.




Oklahoma Laws on Sexual Violence

Consent is Tea

Jake is Dead


 Some people just do not get along. It could be a break up, a friendship falling out, or a difference in personality, but we want to create a space where both people can coexist. This is when Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma will institute the No-Contact policy.

All people involved will have separate conversations with the Directors about no longer to interacting with the other person at events or in DR sanctioned spaces. This means no interaction as a character, as an npc, or as yourself. It does not mean you need to leave the scene if the other person shows up (unless otherwise specified). All rules will apply equally to both parties, so that everyone can get what they need - space.

Using other people to circumvent this rule will be considered a breach of this policy.

If either party breaks this agreement then it will be treated like harassment and will carry with it a corrective action.

If two people cannot share a space due to criminal reasons (harassment, assault, stalking, etc.) then we implore the participants to notify us so we can give you more options. The No-Contact policy is meant for participants who are not in fear of their safety or the safety of others.

This policy is only enforceable in Dystopia Rising events and spaces. We cannot regulate your personal interactions outside of our events and social media pages. If that is something you need then please strongly consider contacting your local authorities and speak to them about your options.