Other Factions of the Sequoia Wastes

These are some of the big factions that exist in the Sequoia Wastes. They have their own interests, their own goals, and views about life. If any player would like to make a character that fits in to our factions, we would love to help make that happen. Simply submit a backstory to us here and we will help guide that process.

Diesel Jocks


Asphalt Saints

Our actions help many, but our loyalty is to the MotherRoad.
— Tornado, Chapter Boss of the Asphalt Saints

The story of the Asphalt Saints is bound to a sacred path known as The Mother Road. Stories say that for the oldcestors it was the crossroads of the whole world. People, cargo, and information zipped back and forth across mighty hi-ways. Now, The 66 is scattered across the Sequoia Wastes with only the Asphalt Saints to revere and protect it.

While they aren’t the most militant or numerous crew in the wastes, they are respected by even the most belligerent and ruthless of Diesel Jocks. Those who use The Road attempt to travel it with respect, not wanting to be found damaging or degrading the sacred miles. That usually earns you a visit from Tornado and her road crew.

The Asphalt Saints decorate themselves with salvaged road signs or hand painted decals celebrating Route 66. They use the color yellow to identify their clan. They are often baptised members of the Sainthood of Ashes from the Engineers of Hope.

The Asphalt Saints have continued to show their willingness to render aid to those less fortunate, and are often found sending out Road Crews to fight the threats that appear in the wastes.


Crankcase Crew

You here to buy or be the supply?
— Sticky, Crankcase Clan drug dealer

In a territory full of Diesel Jocks, the Cranks are the dirtiest, loudest and most likely to resort to violence. It is a reputation they have grown rather fond of and take great pride in maintaining.

There are rumors of Crankcase traps scattered across the wastes to capture unlucky survivors. It’s said that they toss the captives inside of giant cook vats that allow them to turn people into drugs. They never admit to using people as part of their products, but the rumor persists. They are well known for the production, use and distribution of addictive drugs. They make their money by selling the hardest drugs they can get their hands on.

The Cranks are often stained red as most of their outfits tend to wind up covered in blood anyways. For a crew that sells soap, it doesn't look like any of them know how to use it. They have no goals beyond profit, and only stop moving for as long as it takes to check a trap or deliver a shipment.

Over the last season, the Grifters have made significant inroads at curtailing the Crankcase Crew’s use of random strangers as drug supplies. The settlement has agreed to help the Crankcase Crew in capturing and skinning various raider clans in an effort to reduce their dependence on trapping people.

Natural Ones


The Proude

Our faith is in our composition. Our strength in our formations.
— Picolo Oodwin, Dunmajor, Suza Band of the Proude

Natural Ones from The Proude have taken an interest in Verdigrift Gardens and that makes some folks nervous. They are coordinated, brutal and musical. It is rumored that the Proude are exclusively made up of warrior psions. The members of the Proude that actually talk to outsiders say they have come to trade and share music. For the people of Verdigrift Gardens, hopefully that is the case.

The Proude are excellent hunters with a good sense of rhythm. Their history states they are descended from a group of mythical soldier-musicians that existed before the fall of humanity. Their outfits are often a combination of pre-fall military clothing and heavily worn bits of marching band attire. They tend to organize themselves into Bands and take orders from their Dunmajor. Members of the Proude are predominantly members of the Virtues of the Kings Court.

During the first season, the Proude allied themselves with the settlement of Verdigrift Gardens after the local Grifters were able to prove themselves as worthy allies. Since then, the Proude have eagerly patrolled the wasteland.

Nation of Accensor

The Untroubled

The Land provides and endures. It does not weep. We do as it does.
— Alderone Birch, the Untroubled

The Untroubled are a quiet group of Sequoia Wastes Nation of Accensor. Easily recognized by their flowery adornment. Their reliance on each other and meticulous farming techniques allow them to thrive where others might fall.

The bleak, red sand desert and unpredictable weather patterns of Sequoia Wastes have made it little loved by most who work the land. The Untroubled see the storms as a source of life giving rain, and the empty spaces as room to grow.

Followers of the Tribe of Seasons, they have a distinct, and hopeful, leaning towards the Aspect of Spring. They believe their faith in the Land will sustain them always, and have little truck with those things that might unbalance their surroundings.

The discovery of the lush healthy land surrounding Verdigrift Gardens is seen as a sign and reward for the Untroubled's faith. They, with a little help from Oldcastle Farms, have been able to move the majority of their flock to the Verdigrift Gardens area. Set up as sharecroppers, they prepare for the time when they can afford to buy the land they have settled on from the Pure Bloods who currently own it.

Their devotion to their faith has caused conflict with local grifters. The demands of their ritual of seasonal passing have been successfully observed in years past. There are rumors of what may occur if the ritual is to ever fail to be successfully completed, and few are comfortable with those threatened consequences.