Submit a Character Background

Character backgrounds are optional for many characters.  We use backgrounds to generate personal plot for characters at our events.  To that end, there are couple things we ask players to keep in mind so we can generate personal plot for you.  

  • Please be brief. We receive a lot of backgrounds, and those longer than two pages will have to be condensed.

  • Stay local. The OK Chapter only has storytelling authority over the Sequoia Wastes. Characters from abroad will require approval from the chapter in that area. Keeping your character background in the Sequoia Wastes gives you more opportunities to interact in the factions that your character is tied to. Please check out our factions page here for ideas!

  • Please keep any groups in your background as small as possible.

  • There are some inappropriate concepts to our game and our setting. Please consider reading them.

Name *
Banned Strains: TBA
Please tell us about any other player characters that are tied to your character.
Tell us about any important NPCs in your background and their name, such as family members, best friends, or mentors.
What settlements and cities has your character visited previously? In particular, locations in the published setting.