The setting for DR Oklahoma is Verdigrift Gardens, a recently discovered oasis in the Sequoia Wastes. A lot of Pureblood money and Diesel Jock transportation has been thrown together to get the settlement up and running in such a short amount of time, and they love reminding everyone about it.

To the southeast is the Windfall Casino, a fortress of profit and excess that is one of the many casinos maintained by the Red Earth Casino Coalition (RECC). 

Oldcastle Farms

The farmstead is situated on the border of town and populated by a variety of sharecroppers that have been recruited by the Oldcastle Pureblood family. The farm is responsible for bringing a great deal of wealth to the Oldcastle family and a great deal of toil to the farmers that have been convinced to work the land. 


The Country Club

A neighborhood that is primarily only accessible by the pureblood population, the Club is home to the wealthiest and most entitled citizens of Verdigrift Gardens. While most of the club is inaccessible to non-purebloods, they have recently opened up The Sterling Room, a dining hall, and presented it as a touch of class for the classless.


The Saveway Market

A prominent fixture of Verdigrift Gardens politics, the Saveway Market asserts that it is critical to the continued safe function of the settlement. They dress like old world shop keepers with aprons and tiny vests. The Market members help enforce the Saveway Tradition and are equal parts a legal and commercial institution.


Final Knights

The Sequoia Wastes were once all but overrun with Final Knights. The Red Earth Casino Coalition (RECC) is fond of boasting about their involvement in the demise of the Final Knights in the territory. However, there are whispers of secret bands of Final Knights that roam the wastes hoping for a resurgence.



 The Sequoia Wastes is openly hostile to Vegasians.  Pretty much everyone from the Sequoia Wastes knows that the Vegasians were involved with the fall of several Pureblood casinos.  The rumor is that the Vegasians had some sort of deal with the Final Knights that were active at that time.  The specifics may only be known by a few, by the rumors have spread far and wide by Red Earth Casino Coalition (RECC) and their employees.