The SaveWay Market

A prominent fixture of Verdigrift Gardens politics, the Saveway Market is critical to the continued safe function of the settlement. They dress like old world shop keepers with aprons and tiny vests. The Market members help enforce the Saveway Tradition and are equal parts a legal and commercial institution.

The SaveWay Tradition

“Do whatever you want, just pay your bill.” – Unofficial Saveway Motto

Under the SaveWay tradition, nothing is illegal, but lots of things have a cost. The Tradition rolls crime and commerce up under the same heading. Instead of crimes, you have Charges. Instead of a sheriff, judge and deputies, you have Stalkers, Cash Ears, and Debt Collectors.

The tradition favors those who have currency to burn, but instead of having the dishonesty hidden behind various bureaucratic layers all the terrible is up front and in your face. Well, that’s what the tradition says, but the truth is that this ‘legal system’ is as corrupt as anything that’s been seen in the wasteland.

Get in a fight or steal something? Pay and you’re fine. All is forgiven. If someone Skips, refuses to pay their tab, Debt Collectors are sent to reclaim them. If they allow themselves to be taken, they become employees of The Saveway Market until the debt has been paid off. These employees are often contracted out as affordable labor throughout the region.

Paying Debts

SaveWay policy states that debts should be satisfied before the end of “the quarter”. The end of the quarter is often announced in the month preceding and is often marked by discounts and sales of overstocked inventory. If someone is unable to pay, they have a few options. None of them are pleasant.


This is the most common option within SaveWay entrusted areas. If someone is sent to collections, they may opt to join the Layaway Program. Layaways become the bonded employees of the SaveWay market. LayAways are given SaveWay sponsored opportunities to work off the debt that they have incurred. Some menu items cannot be put on LayAway. Murder, Impolite Conspirin’ and Unapproved Detention are some of the items that cannot be put on LayAway.


Some folks just don’t want to live under the shadow of debt. Others may just owe too much or have debt that doesn’t qualify for the LayAway Program. When that happens, bankruptcy is declared. Collections agents are sent to acquire the bankruptcy. Once someone becomes a bankruptcy, their debt is sold off. The person who purchases the debt is required to kill the Bankruptcy within the next trade meet. Once the Bankruptcy has returned from their death, they are free to return to their lives. It is hoped that those who have experienced the Wisdom of the Market (T.M.) will learn from the experience and continue their lives as productive consumers.


The Grifter’s Loophole

One of the reasons you find more than the average number of confidence artists and frauds within Verdigrift Gardens is something that has become known as the Grifter’s Loophole. The SaveWay Market does not care if you get scammed out of your money or property. As long as something is handed away willingly, the Market doesn’t recognize that any sort of misdeed has occurred.


SaveWay Market Menu Selections

(Prices subject to change)

*Murder 2000 Days

*Forgery 100 Days

*Impolite Conspirin’ 10 Days

Littering 1 Day

Unsightly Behavior 1 Day

Brawlin' 1 Day

Reserving a Tee Time 5 Days

Exceeding One's Station 10 Days

Private Meeting with Management 10 Days

Breakin' Crap** 1 Day

Breakin' Stuff** Value multiplied by 2 Days

Classy Theft** Value multiplied by 3 Days

Crude Theft** Value multiplied by 5 Days

Disrupting The Greens   20 Days

Inconveniencing RECC/Country Club Market Price


*Murder, Forgery and Impolite Conspirin’ do not qualify for the LayAway Program.

** The SaveWay Market determines what is crap or stuff, crude or classy.