Banned:  These Strains will not be approved for any reason.  

  • Reclaimers
  • Saltwise
  • Solestros
  • Genjian


Rare:  These Strains require background approval, 300 AP expenditure, and staff permission prior to entering play.  Restricted characters should exemplify the setting material and must abide high standards of roleplay and costuming.  

  • Full Dead
  • Semper Morte
  • Unborn


Uncommon:  These strains require an approved background and 150 AP expenditure prior to entering play.  

  • Red Star - Must originate from the BigMac Commune.  Red Star from this commune tend to wear clothing that hints at the pre-fall history of the maximum security prison they spawned from.
  • Lascarian - Oklahoma doesn't have much in the way of undergound structures, so any Lascarians will originate from small family centric nests, natural caves, or outside of the Sequoia territory altogether.
  • Vegasian - Player Character actions from Season 1 have made it easier for Vegasians to exist in the Sequoia Wastes. They are now uncommon. Details about the Vegasians history with Verdigrift Gardens can be read here


Requires Approval: These items require an approved background prior to entering play.

  • Characters under the age of 17
  • Proude or ItchItch player characters that start without the Psion profession require an approved background. The overwhelming majority of Proude and ItchItch faction members are psionically active. If you wish to play a member of the Proude or ItchItch faction that enters play as a Psion, no background approval is required.