We could not produce Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma without the efforts and contributions of a fantastic team of Marshals. Marshals are players who, rather than spending their npc time as shamblers, raiders, and merchants, help with the behind-the-scenes effort of organizing modules, signing item cards, overseeing character-vs.-character conflict, and answering questions. They are a team of amazing, dedicated, and wonderful people who do a lot to make your experience and our game better.

Ops Marshals

Brandon Haney

David Wood

Josiah Brown

LJ Graves

Mal McKinney

Michael Norton

Mitch Remy

Nicholas Hiser

Robert Kollman

Rules Marshals

Adriel Babcock

Chuck Sweeden

Daniel Robinson

Erik Cowan

Jay Conwell

JD Warrender

Jessika Robinson

Patrick Moore

Coord Marshals

Cedar Kilcrease

Charlie Dickerson

Craig Scheihing

Johnathon Johnson

Joshua Berain

Kathryn Priller

Matt Edgin

Nicole Jovanovic

Spencer Melhus

Safety Marshals

Erik Swartz

Dane Lyon