Do whatever you want, just pay your bill.
— Unofficial SaveWay Motto

Verdigrift Gardens operates under the SaveWay Tradition. Under the SaveWay Tradition, nothing is illegal, but lots of things have a cost attached. The Tradition rolls crime and commerce up under the same heading. Instead of crimes, you have Transactions. Instead of a sheriff, judge and deputies, you have Stalkers, Cash Ears, and Debt Collectors.

The tradition favors those who have currency to burn, but instead of having the dishonesty hidden behind various bureaucratic layers all the terrible is up front and in your face. Well, that’s what the tradition says, but the truth is that this ‘legal system’ is as corrupt as anything that’s been seen in the wasteland.

Get in a fight or steal something? Pay and you’re fine. All is forgiven. If someone Skips and refuses to pay their bill, Independent Debt Collectors are sent to reclaim them. If they allow themselves to be taken, they become permanent employees of The SaveWay Market until the debt has been paid off. These employees are often contracted out as cheap labor throughout the region.


The Grifter’s Loophole

One of the reasons you find more than the average number of confidence artists and frauds within Verdigrift Gardens is something that has become known as the Grifter’s Loophole. The SaveWay Market does not care if you get scammed out of your money or property. As long as something is handed away willingly, the Market doesn’t recognize that any sort of misdeed has occurred.


Example Price List

(Prices subject to change)

2000 Days

100 Days

2 Days

Value Multipled by 3 Days

Value Multiplied by 5 Days

1 Days

Value Multiplied by Days




Classy Theft

Crude Theft

Breakin' Crap

Breakin' Stuff

Stalkers decide at time of Transaction what is considered Crap or Stuff, Crude or Classy.